Hey Doctor Patel, I’ve Developed A Sore Throat After Wearing Invisalign. Why Is This This?

Hey Doctor I have what I’m sure is a common problem that you could help me out with. Basically about 3 weeks ago I started on my Invisalign treatment. It was fine for the first couple of days but then I noticed that I had a slightly raw throat. I thought that this was just a bug that I’d get over so left it but it hasn’t got any better, it has in fact got worse. I’ve only just read that there are potential toxic reactions in some people so now I’m worried. Can you shed some light on this situation? Should I continue with the treatment or am I at risk of the problem getting worse if I do? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I think you should contact the company directly and make a visit to your dentist as a small percentage of the population may suffer a allergic reaction, this should put your mind at ease at the very least. I wish you luck in finding a solution to this problem, Dr Darsh Patel.

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