Simpli 5

What is Simpli 5 treatment?

Simpli 5 is a discrete way to straighten your teeth using the clear set of aligners similar to Invisalign. Simpli 5 is effective in treating mild orthodontic problems such as minor malocclusion, post orthodontic refinement and pre veneer alignments.

What does the treatment involve?

The Simpli 5 treatment uses a five aligner orthodontic system which only requires 5 clear aligners for the treatment to be complete. Following the initial consultation with your dentist your teeth will be assessed for the suitability of the treatment. If the dentist confirms that Simply 5 treatment is right for you then you will have impressions of your teeth taken. These impressions will be sent to the Simpli 5 laboratory. Your teeth moulds will be used to create your Simpli 5 clear set of aligners.

You are required to wear the aligners for 3-4 weeks and you should ensure that you wear them for a minimum of 20 hours a day.

What are the advantages of Simpli 5?

The advantages of Simpli 5 treatment are discussed below:

  • The treatment uses a clear set of aligners which provide a discrete way of straightening your teeth
  • The treatment only requires 5 aligners unlike other treatments which require many aligners such as the Invisalign
  • There is a shorter treatment time
  • Simpli 5 costs considerably less than other invisible straightening treatments
  • It can significantly enhance your smile after treatment

What are the disadvantages of Simpli 5?

There are some disadvantages of Simpli 5 treatment as discussed below:

  • You may experience some discomfort at the initial fitting of the Simpli 5 treatment
  • Simply 5 can only treat mild orthodontic cases which may not be effective enough for some patients
  • You may be required to have after care visits with the dentist
  • Not every dental practice will offer the Simpli 5 treatment

How long is the treatment time for Simpli 5?

As Simpli 5 is only used for mild orthodontic treatment it has a relatively shorter treatment time of only 10-20 weeks. The treatment time may vary according to your individual dental circumstances but most mild orthodontic problems can be sorted out during this time frame.

How much does Simpli 5 cost?

The cost of the treatment varies according to the various factors:

  • The dental practice you choose
  • The expertise of the dentist
  • The country you have your treatment in as not all countries offer Simpli 5 treatment
  • Your specific orthodontic problem

The overall cost varies from clinic to clinic but you can have an initial consultation with the dentist to discuss the overall cost of the treatment.