What would be the quickest treatment to close a gap between my front teeth?

I have a gap between my two front teeth about the size of two teeth i also have a overbite but thats the least of my problem i would mainly like to know what treatment would help cover or close the gap quickly or maybe if the overbite would stop me from having verneers as my teeth arnt straight or is dentures an option? I had planned to get vernerrs butvwasctold by an dentist maybe orthodontic treatmen would help but i understand the processsvcan take a while not to mention the waiting time, i would want the quickest treatment what would be the quickest and best options as i am 21 years old , thanks, also what would be the price range of the treatmen?
Hi there,

This is a tricky one. Often gaps between the front teeth, especially big ones can be hard to treat. The bigger gaps are best treated with a combination of braces to put the teeth in a better position to have veneers placedto close the gaps.

Really the treatment has to be planned out carefullt between the orthodontist and the cosmetic dentist andthe prices will vary a great deal according to which system you choose.

The best thing to do is to have some orthodontic consultations to clarify the best way forward and to give you a cost. Whilst orthodontics is not a quick fix, it is the best option in the long run and will reduce the amount of preparation of the teeth.
Good luck!

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