Should I Stick With My Inman Aligner Despite The Constant Pain?

hey dr qureshi, my problem is one of an urgent nature really. basically i very recently got an inman aligner to rectify my crooked teeth, this is because i got really sick of being unhappy with my smile. i thought it’d be easier that is has proven so far. i am in quite a lot of pain and have been since they were put in. it feels as though there is maybe too much pressure, i mean, i was told initially that the aligner would cause me some pain but i’m not sure if this is quite right. could you please advise me on whether or not i should stick with the treatment?
Hi there. I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering.
Generally, all orthodontic treatment is associated with some discomfort, particularly at the start of treatment. Most people find that this lasts for the first 4-5 days a d then reduces.
With removable appliances the same applies but if the appliance is not worn as prescribed then tooth movement is delayed and the brace remains uncomfortable.
If you have been wearing the aligner well but are still uncomfortable I would request to see the orthodontist to see whether it could be adjusted to reduce this somewhat.
I hope this has been of some use,
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