Are My Lingual Braces Broken?

Hi there, I’m having a problem with my lingual braces. The brace feels loose at the back of my teeth, and it didn’t before. Does that fact that it’s loose mean that it’s not working? I’ve got an appointment with my orthodontist in 2 weeks anyway for them to be adjusted but I just would like to know in the meantime because I’m worried. They cost a lot of money and I don’t want to have to spend loads more. The wires are loose so it feels like it’s moving in my mouth. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Hello, thank you for your question. If the brace feels loose, it either means that it is broken or the teeth have completed their movements. But don’t worry, if it is broken it will be easy enough for your orthodontist to fix, so you needn’t panic, these things happen! I hope I’ve been able to give you some peace of mind. 
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