Would You Recommend Going Abroad to Get Lingual Braces?

Hi Dr Qureshi. I am 29 years old and would love to get lingual braces to straighten out my smile. I live just outside of London though and the prices of all the different brace systems I’ve looked at are very, VERY expensive. I feel as though I’m too old for traditional braces and lingual braces sound perfect for me. I have looked at getting them abroad and it’s significantly cheaper, would you recommend this? I’ve read a few success stories so am curious, as I would really like to get my teeth straightened.
Hello and thank you for your question. 

I would never advise getting any dental work done abroad. With all orthodontic treatments you will need additional appointments to make amendments to the brace as the teeth move. This would obviously take a lot of your time and of course you’d be paying a lot for the flights, so it would end up being rather expensive after all. 
A better idea would be to find an orthodontist in the UK that isn’t based in London, as although you’d probably still have to pay more for the travel and perhaps take time out of work etc., they do tend to cost less than braces in London. It’s also worth looking around online to see if anyone offers any payment plans. Good luck! 

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