Which Type of Lingual Brace is Right for Me?

Hello, I’m looking at braces but don’t know which ones are right for me. I actually didn’t know there were so many different types of lingual brace! Obviously it’s great to have a selection but I’m starting to get confused between all the different kinds. I have two quite big gaps between my teeth and some of the teeth at the front are a bit crooked, but apart from that they’re quite straight – not a complete mess! I want to start saving for braces so I’d just like to know which you think would be best for me?
Hi there! Thank you for your question. All types of lingual braces have great benefits, and are great for closing gaps in the teeth and straightening out misaligned teeth.It’s hard to decide on a specific type without actually seeing you but I’d definitely suggest a consultation with an orthodontist in your area who can examine your teeth and help you decide on the right lingual brace solution for you. Good luck! 
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