Which Specific Lingual Braces Would Be Best For Me?

Hi there. Okay so after having looked myself I have started to get a  bit of a headache because there are so many different types of lingual braces on here and I’m finding it hard to distinguish them all from each other. Could you briefly tell me which would be best for me? I have two missing back teeth and my two front teeth are slightly twisted…other than that my teeth are all relatively straight. I’d like a general idea from a professional so that I can get a good start on saving the money. Thanks ever so much.
I know, I am the Orthodontist and i have difficulty choosing which lingual brace to use on my patient’s!!
I have used a lot of them and my absolute favourite is the Incognito, 100% customised version. I like this for my patient’s as it truly allows you to have the best results and the most comfortable to wear in my hands!
Check it out, I have a video on my website if you want to have a look at the technology side of it!
Happy brace hunting!

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