Which Braces Have The Fastest Treatment Time?

Hello Dr Qureshi, I’m hoping you can help me out. Around 6 years ago I had braces and my teeth were fine after treatment, very straight. I didn’t wear the retainer as much as I should have so I only have myself to blame I know, but my teeth have now moved back to their original position. Obviously I want my teeth to be straight again, but now time is an issue so I need the fastest brace possible!!! What would you suggest? I’ve been looking at both fixed and removable braces. Thanks!
Hello, thanks for your question. Lingual and fixed braces do tend to have quicker treatment times, but really I’d have to tell you to give you a definite time frame. If you wanted removable braces we’d have to take into account your treatment plan, how often you took the braces out and how long they were out for. Generally though, fixed braces are quicker. Good luck! 
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