What’s the Best Treatment for Fixing a Gap Between Teeth?

Hello Dr Qureshi. I have just turned 22 and recently I’ve noticed that there’s a gap between two of my teeth at the front. Well, I say noticed, it has always been there but it seems to have gotten bigger and I’m not imagining things, my boyfriend has noticed it too. Is there a treatment that will fix the gap? It’s knocked my confidence quite a lot you see. I understand that it won’t close overnight with any brace, but I’d prefer quick treatment, especially if the braces are ugly! Thanks.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. I think the first step would be to work out why the gap has increased in size. When you know this your dentist will be able to talk you through a number of options and together you can decide which is best. Lingual braces would close the gap, and these are fitted to the back of the teeth so you wouldn’t have to worry about them being unsightly. There are other, non-orthodontic options such as composite bonding, but the best thing to do would be to speak to your dentist. Good luck! 
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