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I Broke My Lingual Braces Through Tooth-Grinding. What Should I Do?

August 7th, 2014

Hi Saba. I’m currently wearing lingual braces but unfortunately I grind my teeth in the night and have broken the brackets after just 4 weeks! Obviously I haven’t broken them on purpose and I’m scared of what my orthodontist will say. I haven’t told anyone that I grind my teeth because I didn’t want to be told I couldn’t have braces but now it’s obviously a problem because I’ve broken them. What should I do and will I have to pay for new ones?

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Could you give me a rough idea how much lingual braces would cost?

October 19th, 2011

Hello, I am currently living in Brazil and been told off my dentist that I am in need of braces, I don’t mind about having braces I just dot want the to be visible. My mom said that she would think about getting my linguals if I could find the price online, but I cant. Is there any chance you could give me a idea please?

I want invisible braces and no speech problems, is this possible?

September 28th, 2011

Hi Iam thinking about getting lingual braces. I have problems with a overbite and my front two teeth are buck, so i feel like i would only need them on my top teeth. But Iam worried as iam starting university this year and don’t want visible braces or speech problems when iam wearing them. Will i have speech problems the whole time iam wearing them? also how much am i loooking to pay? thank you x

Would lingual braces be a good idea for me?

September 5th, 2011

I really want to straighten my teeth, they aren’t that bad now but I really want them to be perfectly straight. however I don’t want the traditional braces and to be a brace face. so that leaves me to ask are lingual braces a good option? how much do they cost? what are my other options if not? thanks