Should I Have to Pay for Braces?

Hi Doctor. My teeth are very very crooked and I’m desperate to get them straightened. I like the idea of lingual braces because I’m still at school so nobody would be able to see them. But my orthodontist has told me I’m going to have to pay nearly £2000 even though I’m in full-time education, but neither me or my parents can afford this. He said it’s because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but my dentist has been promising braces since I was 8 and in primary school. Should I have to pay for braces?
Hi, thank you for your question. It could be the case that for some reason you didn’t qualify to have the treatment carry out the treatment on the NHS, which is why your orthodontist is telling you that you have to pay for the braces.It’s worth going to a different orthodontist for a second opinion, to see if they think you could have NHS treatment. Good luck!
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