My Teeth Have Become Ridiculously Sensitive To The Cold Weather Now I Have My Braces. I Would Love Some Practical Advice?

Hello Dr Patel. I hope you can help me because my problem is becoming a little too much to deal with at this time. I got braces a couple of months ago and now I’ve noticed that my teeth appear to have become ridiculously sensitive to the cold. Not just cold drinks but if it’s slightly colder outside than normal then I get quite extreme pain just from breathing! Is there anything I can do about this without going back to my orthodontist? Kind of in a bad way here and would love some practical advice. Thanks a lot.
Hi. Thanks for writing in with your enquiry. Sensitivity can be a common problem when the teeth are starting to move from their original position. Try to avoid any hard foods that need crunching as this can also cause some pain. The pain should go away after a couple of weeks, but if it doesn’t go to your orthodontist. Take some ibuprofen if you feel the pain is becoming unbearable. I hope this helps, Dr Darsh Patel.

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