My front teeth are severely crossed, would lingual braces work for me?

It is only my front teeth that I have a problem with and this has been the case all my life. Would lingual braces be a good choice to sort out a problem with only these teeth? I’ve read about other treatments like six month smiles but my problems with the front teeth are quite severe so I don’t think it would work. How is lingual braces with severe tooth problems, like askew or something problems?
Lingual braces are just another brace, which happens to be hidden behind the teeth, so it will not magically do what outside braces cannot! It will however do it invisibly!

If you therefore have severe tooth problems then you would need to be assessed for what treatment plan is best for you, eg: having teeth removed or not. Then you can decide which brace options will get the result you are after, and from there you can choose.

At this stage I suggest a consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist to discuss you treatment options.

Hope this helps.
Good luck brace hunting!

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