Is there any reason why I shouldn’t have the Inman aligner?

Hello. I have looked at various brace options now and am a bit fed up of looking.I want to get braces as soon as possible. I like the look of the inman aligner as a way of fixing mildly crooked teeth. I have however heard bad press about them so to speak. never anything academic just oh this isn’t proper and things like that. Is there any reason why you wouldn’t administer this treatment or even opt for an alternative. thanks
The inman aligner can be a suitable aligner in mildly crowded cases, however its limitations are that it pushes teeth into positon and does not move any of the roots of the teeth. Moving the roots is essential to help them stay there and minimise the amount of retainer wear needed. The best advice I can give is to get a consultation if you have not done so and then ask the Orthodontist what they would use on one of their family members. The only reason I do not personally like it is that the long term stability of the result is never as good!
Hope this helps.

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