Is Filing My Teeth Down The Way To Get Rid Of My Overbite?

I have a over bite really bad my two front teeth are long there not crooked or anything kinda look like rabbit teeth and I was wondering how I would get it fixed? if braces would help? or if there was such a thing where they could shave them down? everytime I try to open my mouth all the way my jaw will pop before I can open it what could that be? I think they called it TMJ I don’t know if that could have something to do with me having an over bite or not.
You should never shave your teeth down if you can avoid it. It is much better to orthodontically move the teeth up and down with appropriate braces.
Yes it does sound like you have a TMJ issue which may also need investigating, it may even be caused by the bite that you have at present!
Go and get an orthodontic consultation at this stage to see what your options are! Good luck!

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