I Made An Appointment Recently As I’m Having Six Month Smile Treatment, But My Dentist Is Ill And I Don’t Know What To Do?

Hello Dr Qureshi, I have a problem I’d like to get off my chest as it’s really bothering me. I made an appointment recently with my dentist as soon as I had my adjustments (for 6 month smiles). I was supposed to have an appointment this week but it was cancelled due to him taking ill. I haven’t been scheduled to see anyone else and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do? The receptionist said someone would be in touch but they haven’t yet so should I be concerned? Will this delay affect my treatment at all?
Hello and thanks for getting in touch, I wouldn’t be too concerned, if your dentist thought it would affect your treatment in any way I think they would get in contact with you and provide you with the relevant information. I would suggest waiting a couple of days and if the receptionist says the same thing try and pin down a date that the dentist can see you. I hope this helps to ease your concerns regarding this matter. Kind regards, Dr Saba Qureshi.
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