I have two very crooked front teeth, will lingual braces fix them?

Hello there, i wondered if you could help me? I have long considered getting braces for my crooked front teeth. There is not a lot of teeth that are crooked mainly just the two at the front which are not straight and this can sometimes have a very negative effect on how I am feeling on any given day. I would like to know what is the effectiveness of lingual braces in such a case and if it would be a suitable option for myself? Is there any other braces option you feel would be better?
There are many braces that can be suitable for you. The effectiveness in my opinion of some (incognito) lingual braces are unparalled as I have used the others other the years with limited success.
At this stage i suggest you have a consultation with a specialist orthodontist who can advise on all options that will help improve your smile and provide a better long term bite.
Good luck

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