I Have Porcelain Crowns And I Would Like To Know If Lingual Braces Are Suitable Or Is There A Chance They Can Chip?

Hi. I have to porcelain crowns on my front teeth because of an accident I was involved in several years ago. My canine teeth have always protruded and I’m looking into getting some discreet braces. My only concern is that a brace will damage my crowns, they’re very new I only had them replaced last month. Even if I had braces attached to the back of my teeth there’s a chance they’ll chip away at the back of my crowns, isn’t there? Can you please help me and offer some advice. What is a good brace for those with crowns? Thank you for your time.
Hello and thank you. Lingual braces should work fine, the only worry being that the crowns should be checked and assessed for any weakness existing before you seek out treatment. Whitening may also help beforehand in case any fine cracks appear. Try to seek out an orthodontist with experience in this type of procedure who can allay any potential worries you may have. Thank you. Dr Darsh Patel.

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