I have Amelogenesis imperfecta. Can I still have a brace?

hi, i have ameliagenesis imperfecta and all my teeth are crowned. my bottom four front teeth have receded and are very crooked because of this issue so i would like them straightened. Can you please tell me in your opinion what would be the best treatment to have them straightened? I look forward to your response. Many thanks

That’s a tricky one. It really depends on the quality of the surface of the teeth. If the surface of the lower teeth is adequate, we may still be able to bond some brackets on to the teeth, if they are crowns, special adhesives can be used to help braces stick to these, but the crowns may need polishing once treatment has finished.
Alternatively you may wish to consider lingual braces behind the teeth if the quality of the enamel is any better.
I hope this is useful. The best thing for you would to have a consultation so that we can have a look at the surfaces of the teeth and assess them better.

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