I had braces but my teeth have since relapsed. I don’t want braces or anything too invasive. Can you advise?

i already wore braces when i was in my seventh grade .But now after six years i am experiencing a relapse and there is a gap in between my front two teeth and one of my front tooth is slightly up .do i need to wear braces again and undergo the whole treatment over again or is there any other way i could bridge the gap between my front two teeth without cutting the teeth and then filling them .Some doctors i visited here advised me to either put on braces for a year again or suggested me to undergo root canal and cut the tooth which is in the front and then fill the gap and place a cap . i do not wan to cut my teeth nor undergo the braces treatment all over again .so could you please suggest a method .
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Without seeing your teeth it is very hard to comment but if one of your front tooth is now crossing over another, without correcting the position of this tooth, cosmetic treatment would have to include removal of some tooth tissue. If the problem is confined to the front few teeth, it may be that you can braces just on these, not the whole mouth, to correct the problem.
The best thing is to visit several orthodontists and see what they say as all clinicians offer different types if braces and you may find one that you are happy to put up with to save having to prepare the teeth for cosmetic work to be done.
I hope this is of some help and good luck!

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