Can You Get Damon Lingual Braces?

Hi Dr Qureshi. I really want braces to fix my crooked teeth, but am struggling to decide which ones to go for! I’ve made a list of my favourites and do intend to visit a dentist for a consultation to find out which kind of brace really would be best for me but I’d just like to get some information from you first. I really like the look of Damon braces, and have heard good things about them. Ideally I’d like my braces to be as discreet as possible, would I be able to get Damon ones fitted to the back of my teeth? Or is it only STb and Incognito braces that can go on the back? Please help!
Hi, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Damon don’t do a lingual brace at the moment, but you never know what might happen in the future with today’s advanced technology! Although STb and Incognito are the main lingual braces on the market, there are actually plenty of other lingual braces to choose from besides. See what your orthodontist says, it’s likely that they themselves will have a preference and will be able to help you decide which kind of brace will get the best results for you. Good luck! 
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