Can You Detail What The Recovery Period Is Like After Jaw Break Surgery?

Hello Dr I hope you can clear a few things up for me. I have a terrible bite problem that’s been bugging me for years and I am wondering whether to go through with jaw break surgery so that I can also have my teeth straightened with orthodontics. Is the healing process particularly painful? WIll I have to have a completely liquid diet after it, and if so for how long? Also, how much time do you think that I’ll need off work in order to get all of this done correctly? Looking forward to your response. Thank you.
Hi there, the jaw surgery is routine but major surgery and you are quite right to investigate it properly. Most people require in the region of 3 weeks off from work following surgery. There will be some swelling and discomfort following surgery but you will be provided with appropriate painkillers to combat this. I’m afraid I am not completely sure on the length of time that the dietary restrictions will apply.
I hope this has been of some use.
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