Can I get braces if I already have a dental bridge?

I have lost one of my upper canine teeth in an unforeseen accident and have had it replaced with a dental bridge. However, the dental problems dont end there, as my top teeth are very crooked and I am not at all happy with how my smile looks. I wonder then can I get braces to straighten my teeth whilst Im wearing a dental bridge? Is this possible? Or will it have to be taken out for the treatment to be completed? The bridge is attached with cement to the two opposing teeth; so will this pose any more difficulties? I would really like a good smile so any help you can give me would be really brilliant. Thanks
There are ways orthodontics will help when you have a dental bridge e.g the dentist can section it and then the teeth can be moved to your desired straightness! I suggest that you go and get a consultation with a qualified dentist to find out what can be done. Good luck

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